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Invest with Uplift

Let’s take the path together to uplifting you, your financial future and the communities where you live

Investments :

Your portfolio will be directed to investments that align with your values. We currently offer ESG thematic portfolios for core allocations into equity securities. In addition, through a forum that we offer, you can tell us where you would like to take action through your investments. We will assess feasibility and elevate dialogue on issues you care about in building stronger communities.

Involvement :

We would love to hear from you. The level of involvement is up to you. If you prefer to take a passive approach, consider our generic ESG portfolios for supporting companies with ESG missions. The more involved you are, the more ideas you submit, the more change can be effected together.

Pricing :
All-in management fee of 0.75% based invested assets.
Idle cash not invested earns you ~1.18% interest (better than most bank rates).




Annual fee
(applied to investments only)


No trading fees,
No ETF or Mutual Fund management fees

We Listen :

We strive not only to understand your financial goals but personal values informing where your investments should be put to work to foster change.